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The Biggest Lie We Tell Ourselves.



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Although I have never been good at putting my thoughts on paper, I have self delegated the beginning of a blog for our business. I believe to be competitive in this crazy new portrait photography environment, it is important for you, our friends and customers, to know us in a more personal and relevant way.Nania Green

Garland and I recently returned to Loveland from WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International) 2013 convention in Las Vegas and I really wanted to share some of my experiences from the convention.

First, I have spring fever really bad now.  It was so nice in Las Vegas, there were people sunning by the pool and the rest of us were dancing through the casinos to the great music that was always playing.

Second, I love what Garland and I do for a profession.  We are blessed beyond words.  We get to work with people in the highs of their lives, weddings, high school seniors, brand new babies (oh yes I love it) high energy toddlers and children, and families loving their families enough to make it a priority to capture their memories with professional portraits.

My big takeaway was:

The biggest lie that we tell ourselves is that there will always be time.

My last speaker of the convention spoke on the bottom line.  Yes, it was a business class, but this particular topic took on an entire new meaning to me, her 90 minute emotional talk brought me to tears.

The reason, I was reminded that the bottom line isn’t about the money, it’s about the difference we make.  We need to see ourselves as people who can make a difference.  We are building foundations by what we do and what we do is setting examples everyday for our children, our future.  We need to stop telling ourselves there will be time later.

You see, we lost Nania Green (Garland’s mother) this February.  Nania lived in Tennessee, in the same home that Garland grew up in. She was a beautiful soul who loved the Lord and her family with all that she was.  Nania will be forever loved and missed deeply by her family.

Nania always gave more than she had and made a significant difference in our lives through her daily examples, which is why she stayed in my thoughts as I listened to the speaker’s presentation of the bottom line.


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